Friday, May 27, 2011


Established in 1853 Levi's became of the world’s most famous brand of jeans and a symbol of the American Dream!   Levi`s 501 is the world’s #1 selling brand of jeans!

In 1981 the company started to close plants in the United States transferring U.S. jobs to South America and Asia. The last U.S. plant located in San Antonio, Texas, closed in 2003. More than 800 U.S. employees lost their jobs to overseas.  Some employees worked over 25 years with the company.

Even though the jeans are not produced in the U.S. anymore, Levi’s still markets the jeans as “ORIGINAL AMERICAN JEANS" - they try to sell them as an AMERICAN product, as the symbol of the American Dream and Spirit!

With the Levi`s jobs gone and your neighbors out of a job, they still expect you to send your few hard earned dollars for a pair of their jeans!